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At Zumex we have an eye for detail, which is why our machines have an extensive range of accessories to configure your own tailor-made equipment. A solution for any type of business.

Juice extraction systems

Juice extraction kits to process different calibre fruit, from small oranges, tangerines and limes, to grapefruit, pomegranates and large citrus fruit, as well as soft or very ripe citrus fruit.

All our juice extraction systems extract the juice from the fruit without entering into contact with the peel, achieving a quality, full-flavour and hygienic juice, free from essential oils.

New protection and Hygiene accesories

Limit access to the operation of your Speed and make self-service a safer and more hygienic place.

Juice Corner

Ideal for self-service applications, where there is a need to dispense bottles, jars or glasses.


Extend the possibilities of your juicer with a transportable set that also allows you to increase waste capacity.

Minex Color Kit

Choose the practical kit to change its color and adapt it to its surroundings.